Dairy Alternatives

Listed here for your convenience, are links to reviews of products that are dairy alternatives, as featured on this blog.
(Updated as each new review is posted.)

The milks:

So Delicious - Chocolate Coconut milk
Pacific Natural Foods - Chocolate Hazelnut milk
Pure Harvest - Organic Almond milk
Bonsoy by Spiral Foods - soy milk

The yoghurt:

CoYo  - Coconut milk yoghurt
Alpine - Coconut milk yoghurt

The chocolates, and desserts, including icecreams:

Orgran's Chocolate Mousse - packet mix
Go Max Go Foods - chocolate bars
Tofutti - dairy free icecreams, including Chocolate Fudge Treats
Moo Free  - chocolates, pralines
Redwood 'Wot No Dairy?' Desserts - yoghurt style dessert
Fabulous Fudge Factory - dairy free fudge
So Delicious icecreams - in tubs and on sticks
Pana Chocolate - raw, soyfree, gluten free, organic 

The cheeses:

Tofutti - dairy free sour cream and cream cheese
Parmazano - dairy free Parmesan cheese replacement
Rawmesan - dairy free Parmesan cheese replacement
Vegan Feta


  1. Hi,
    Just browsing through your site. Thanks for the heads up about Wildlocks - very useful info :)

    I thought you might look out for, or persuade your local organic shop to stock, this vegan cheese - it's REALLY great. http://www.buteisland.com/

  2. Sheese! Yes, I have tried that and like it. Just not gotten around to reviewing yet. Have seen it in various shops, including heath food shops, continental import food shops and organics stores.